About The Owner

Bob Amos

Owner of Bob’s Auto Center

A native of Sutton, West Virginia, Bob has been working on cars since he was a child growing up in Elyria, Ohio. He had a natural affinity for it. As a kid in high school, Bob worked at a Shell™ station near his house doing oil changes, pumping gas, and other services in that manner.

In 1971, when he was 17, Bob’s uncle offered him a job working on Volkswagens™ at his shop, which was one of the biggest Volkswagen businesses around. He learned a lot from his uncle, who was a certified mechanic.

Bob went to seminars on brakes, ignitions, etc., along with attending a school on fuel injection in order to advance his knowledge and experience. After working with his uncle for five years, Bob switched to work with another relative at Chuck’s Mobil™ in Winooski for six more years. Then, at the age of 28, he started his own business.

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